S~View/Hide Employees Without Shifts

If you would like to see which of your employees are not working any shifts, the Statistics Schedule View now includes all employees, regardless of whether they are assigned to shifts or not.  This view will summarize the total assigned hours per day, per week or per month AND you can also use the Position or Category pull-down (located in the upper right
corner) to 'filter' the schedule view to a specific Position or Category in order to view just the hours/shifts assigned to that particular position/category.  

To view employees with no shifts on this schedule view, you will first need to be certain you are utilizing the "New Look" version of WhenToWork (from Home Page, click "CLICK HERE to try our new look and new features") and then on the Statistics schedule view you need to be certain that in your layout settings (via the "Change Layout" link in the upper left corner) you have not checked off the "Hide Employees Without Shifts" option.  Now you can view the statistical details of all your staff members.

More details on the Statistics Schedule View: