Everyone has a Unique Username

Each Employee Already Has a Username
When you add an employee at WhenToWork, they are automatically assigned a temporary username and password.

The EMPLOYEE list page has a link to "Email Sign In Instructions" to all employees who have emails entered and have not yet signed in. We recommend you do this before publishing your first schedule.

You also can email or print instructions for an individual employees from their "Edit Employee" page.

These instructions tell them to go to http://WhenToWork.com, click Sign In, and enter their own temporary username and password. A welcome wizard then steps them through a few questions to create a new username and password and guides them into using the system. 
Employees also can retrieve their sign in instructions by clicking the "Need your Username and/or Password?" link on the sign in page (https://whentowork.com/logins.htm) and entering their email address. Their sign in information is then automatically emailed to them.