Send Schedule Reminders

You can send reminders to employees - if you check off all employees, and an email will be sent to only to those who are scheduled for the date range chosen. It will send them a list of their upcoming shifts along with your optional message. On the List Employees page, check off the employees to be included in the reminder (usually all), then choose the date range for the shifts to include. Reminders will be sent out only to the checked off employees who have shifts during that date range.

To Send Schedule Reminders
From any page:

  • In the top menu, choose EMPLOYEES
  • Optional - filter the view to just display one position or group or find by typing in name or phrase ((1.)
  • Check off the employees (in general) to include, or click the top checkbox to choose all (2.)
  • Click the Send Reminder (3.)
  • Choose a predefined date range or the begin and end dates
  • Optional - add a subject line for the emails
  • Optional - add a comment to be included in the reminder email
  • Click the Send Reminders button

You will see a confirmation of all the emails sent out (Any employee who does not have a shift during that date range is not sent a reminder).