**How can I see open shifts?

How can I see open (unassigned) shifts?

If you are a Manager and want to view the unassigned shifts on the By Employee schedule view, you can click the "Change Layout" link in the upper left and choose the option to display unassigned shifts and then click Save.

Some schedule views (ex. Sortable List and Multi-Shift Edit) allow you to use the "Include" dropdown to show a list of only unassigned shifts. The Search function also allows you to list unassigned shifts for certain date ranges.

If an Employee is not seeing open shifts for positions they can work on the Tradeboard, be sure they are looking at the correct week, that the week has been published, and then check to be sure that option on your SETTINGS>Employee Permissions (Global Settings) page is set to allow Employees to see and pick up unassigned shifts.