W2W "Must See" Features

You can use just the basic features of WhenToWork, or at no extra cost, you might want to consider some of our more advanced features, such as:

Access via our mobile version.

In addition to accessing schedules from any computer with internet service, you can use WhenToWork on the go, with our mobile version for use on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Blackberry.  Managers can see schedules and make quick changes, and employees can see their shifts, message their Managers and access any features you’ve enabled for them. More

Know who has viewed or confirmed receipt of their schedule each week.

Employees can choose to be sent their schedule when you publish and that email contains a special link they can click to confirm receipt. You can then use the By Employee schedule view to see at a glance who has viewed online,  been emailed or  confirmed receipt of their schedule. This can be helpful in knowing who might need to be contacted to confirm that they know when to work. More

Send schedule reminders to everyone working a certain day. 

If you need to send a message to everyone working next weekend, for instance, you can use our “Schedule Reminders.”  Choose the shift date or date range, enter a subject line and a message, and only those employees scheduled to work at that time will receive an email with your message and a list of their shifts.More

Allow employees to trade and pick up shifts.

You can allow employees to trade shifts with one another or to pick up open shifts when they sign in. You can customize your Tradeboard settings, allowing employees to work out shifts among themselves -- saving you time and effort. Allow them to trade and pick up shifts “at will” or require “manager approval”, depending on how much control you need. More

Let AutoFill work out your schedule.

While you can create your shifts and assign them manually to each of your employees, the power of WhenToWork is concentrated in AutoFill:  you can Import your shifts from a previous week or from a saved template, and use AutoFill to automatically assign your shifts for you – based on employee work time preferences and any constraints you’ve set.  AutoFill will assign shifts in the best way for your employees, while making sure that you have your shifts covered.  AutoFill can also help you distribute those “special” shifts more fairly, across all of your employees. More

Track Part-Time Employee Hours

Set maximum weekly or daily hours and a monthly target -- our system will help you keep part-time employees working within their targeted hours. More

Try out our Analyze feature.

When employees update their work time preferences, their already scheduled shifts are not impacted -- those preferences are used by AutoFill only at the moment of scheduling. You can use the Analyze button on the Sortable List schedule view to see how your assigned shifts line up with your employees’ current work time preferences or other constraints that might have changed after that schedule was created.. More

Advanced Notifications.

Managers and employees can set up their own email and text message addresses and choose which notifications they receive at each address. Managers with permission to edit employees can also set up notifications for employees. More

Set up other Managers to help with the scheduling.

You can add as many additional managers as you like and set what functions each one can perform when they use their manager sign in. More

Share Schedules with Third Parties

You can use Google Calendar Export to see your up-to-date schedules. Whether you use Google Calendar on your phone or computer - create as many exports as you like of various parts of the schedule to display on your Google Calendar. As changes are made in WhenToWork, your Google Calendar is automatically updated. Or you can create calendars for third party viewing of your schedules. Employees can export their calendars too and use them to set up auto-reminders, etc. (no more excuses!) More

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