Upload Employees from a CSV File

Upload A Spreadsheet of Basic Employee Information

You can add employees at any time from the Employees> List Grid page by clicking the Add New Employee button.  

We also allow you to upload a csv file of employee data from that page if you prefer.

upload employees

You can include any of the columns available on the employee grid:

First Name
Last Name
Email (separated by comma)
Address 2
Phone 2
Hire Date
AutoFill Scheduling Group (1-10)
Employee #
Max Hours/Week
Max Shifts/Week
Max Hours/Day
Max Shifts/Day
Default Pay Rate
Custom Field 1
Custom Field 2
Positions (separated by comma, spelled exact as they are in account if already exist)

To Upload Your Employee CSV File

  • Choose Employees in the top menu
  • Click Upload

excel file list of employees upload import all at once