Multiple Locations or Departments

Special Scheduling Situations

Two options - use one WhenToWork account or separate accounts (linked for billing purposes only).

The cost is the same for both options.

Option 1:

You want to be able to view all shifts on one screen OR if any employee works at multiple locations,  use One Account.

One WhenToWork Account

If any employees work at more than one location or department or you just want to keep things simple...


This way employees will never be double-booked across locations and everyone will only need one username/password. More

Option 2:

No Employees shared - use Separate Accounts linked for billing only. 

Linked accounts

If no employee works at more than one location...

Consider separate linked accounts

This allows one payment to cover the combined total employees and you will have separate schedules and sign ins for each account. This also allows you to publish separately and managers will only receive notices about employees in that account. More

set up a second location for my account
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