Quick Overview


Review Positions (Jobs) & Employees

Verify that you have added the Positions (Jobs) that you want to use. More

Set which employees can work each position on the Positions Grid  More

You also can add or upload new employees. More

Your First Schedule

You are now ready to create your initial schedule. The easiest way to put in your first schedule is to enter the shifts from one of your already prepared schedules. More

After entering your first schedule of shifts - your work is done...all that is left to do is Publish if you want to allow your employees to view it online. More

Your future weeks' scheduling can now be automated. 

Future Weeks - Automatic Scheduling

  1. Navigate to new week
  2. Import to bring in a saved template or previous week's schedule (clearing the work assignments) and make any necessary changes to the shifts. AutoFill to automatically assign the shifts to the best employees for that particular week. 
  3. AutoFill will use approved time off and any employee work-time preferences along with each employee's maximum hours/shift per day/week to instantly create the best schedule possible.
  4. Publish the schedule to make it viewable by employees when they sign into their individual employee account. When you Publish, employees can also receive their schedules by email

Quickly send sign in instructions to all employees who have not yet signed in. More

You can also control what employees can see and do when they sign in. More

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