W2W Newest Features Added

COMING SOON: Prevent employees from asking for certain dates off!
Managers with permission can set up Time Off "Blocked Dates"

On your Time Off> Time Off Blocked Dates page you can see a quick list and count of the approved, pending and denied time off for any date and you can add a block to any date to prevent new requests from being submitted.

Any date in the future can be blocked.  You can block "All Positions" and have no requests for that date or you can specify a position or position group for the block and each date can have any number of positions blocked. Then when an employee who can work that position tries to submit time off that overlaps that date they will be blocked and told they cannot request that date off.

Only managers with BOTH permission to "Approve / Deny Time Off" AND "Change Company Settings" can add time off blocks.  Other managers can see blocked dates but they cannot add or edit them.

View recently deleted shifts on new schedule view!
Managers with permission to add shifts can also restore deleted shifts

This new schedule view allows you to quickly search, find and filter through shifts that have been deleted from that schedule week in the past 45 days. You can review the deleted shifts to view when they were deleted and who deleted them.

Also managers with permission to Add shifts can Restore selected shifts to put them back in the schedule if needed and on published weeks you can check off to send a notification to affected employees. Note that when restoring shifts our system does not check for conflicts, so my may want to run Analyze Shifts after restoring.

Also all schedule views have a new "Recently Deleted Shifts" count link at the bottom of each week next to the Schedule History link, and the Shift History log of recent shift changes will include when a shift is deleted, so you can see that information when running the ‘Export Recent Shift History’ off our “Reports” section.  MORE>

New "Shift Grid" Schedule View
Makes it easy to locate shifts and view any column of information

This new schedule view allows you to quickly sort, search, find, analyze and filter the list of shifts.

You can check the box to select some or all shifts and then send a message, unassign, send a shift reminder, copy to clipboard or delete the selected shifts.  You also can "Bulk Edit" shifts (see below)

Bulk Edit Shifts in a Week on the New "Shift Grid" Schedule View
Select shifts and make a change to all those shifts

On the new Shift Grid schedule view you can sort the view, check off all or some of the shifts and then click to "bulk edit" those shifts.

This allows you to quickly change the color, category, times, position, duration or description of selected shifts all at once.

New "Deleted Employees" Grid
Advance sort and find options

Now you can view the list of deleted employees and sort by any column, and the view defaults initially to put the most recently deleted at top of page.      
Managers with permission to Add Employees can also Restore an employee, which assigns them a new temporary username and password. It does not reassign them to any previously unassigned shifts. 

New Super Fast "FIND" Feature on Grids
Quickly search any grid to locate any employee or shift

As you start typing in the "Find" box the grid will be limited to just matching employees on the Employee List pages or to those shifts on the new Shift Grid and Shift Change window.

Click the X on the Find box or the yellow filter banner to cancel find.

Find looks in all the columns you have chosen with the ‘Select Columns’  

Customize our "Employee" Label
Now the Main Manager can choose from a list of labels

Some managers prefer not to label their workers as "employees." Now the main manager can customize this label on their Settings>Info page.

Choices now include: Employee, Contractor, and Worker. This affects what managers and employees see in our system and also the notifications that are sent out by email.

Note however our Help files & videos and support answers will still refer to the default ‘employee’ labels.

Handle Multiple Usernames with new "Switch List" Feature
Quickly access multiple usernames through a single login

Many users have multiple usernames, ex. if they have a manager and employee login, or if they are a manager or employee on more than one WhenToWork account.

Now you can pick your favorite login as your ‘power username’ and create a ‘switch list’ to associate your other usernames with it, then in the top menu a lightning bolt icon will have a drop down so you can quickly switch to another username’s display. This makes switching between displays easier, and if you “Shift-click” the username it will open the new session in a new browser window.

Note if the login details for a username in a switch list are reset or deleted, then that username is automatically removed from all switch lists.

Managers can add other manager and employee usernames. Employees can only add other employee usernames. The usernames can be for another login on the same account, or a different account.

New Time Off Calendar Highlights Requested Days
Now you can see on the calendar the days included

When managers or employees add time off, as they choose the number of full days off the calendar will highlight the associated days in the request and the ‘Until midnight on …’ note will make it clear what the end date of the time off will be.