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EU Information

We are changing our Terms of Service (TOS) beginning May 24, 2018 to specifically prohibit the entering or maintaining of EU personal data within our WhenToWork system.  So, if you have EU personal data in your WhenToWork account please carefully review this note as this issue needs your immediate attention.

As background, we are a United States based company that is designed for use in the USA (exhibited by our American date formatting, English only displays/support, US Dollars only payment methods, etc.), and while we do not target marketing or actively solicit use of our system outside North America, a few organizations like yours from other parts of the world have found our system useful as well.


So why are we stopping EU use?

While we strongly agree and adhere to the spirit of the pending EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policies on data security and privacy rules, the accompanying excessive punitive liability exposure included in the GDPR makes it impossible for a small business like ours to provide services to EU countries.  We are deeply sorry there wasn’t another way to address this, but the way in which GDPR is structured is leaving us no other choice.


What does it mean for your existing account access and future use?

Even though our system provides the needed security and protection of data & privacy, we cannot operate with such a high liability risk under the GDPR and will no longer allow new WhenToWork accounts to be created if in an EU country and we will need all organizations that already have EU personnel data entered in their paid subscriptions to work towards removing that data from our system and transitioning to a different scheduling solution by May 24, 2018 (the last day before GDPR enforcement).  However, we know this may be a difficult process, so we are offering existing EU paid customers the option of use of their subscription under our updated TOS until September 30, 2018. 

 We will of course offer refunds of any remaining subscription balance upon termination of your subscription, and if needed we can offer information on how you can export your data to text files before removing the data from our system.


Please let us know you reviewed this note!

Please send us a message to as soon as possible and let us know you reviewed this note and whether you wish to have your account ended on May 24th or on or before September 30th, 2018 as you make this transition.  

We have appreciated your past business and are very sorry the GDPR has prompted this unfortunately premature ending to our relationship, and we will try to help make this migration effort as easy as we can.