Ways to Communicate

Ways to Communicate with Employees, Managers & Third Parties

There are many ways you can communicate with others using WhenToWork.

Email Sign in Instructions to Employees
You can email or print sign in instructions that include the user's unique username and password. More>

Email Sign in Instructions to Managers
You can email or print sign in instructions to one or all employees that include the manager's unique username and password. More>

Automatic Email & Text Message Notifications
Each employee and manager can sign in and add their email or text message addresses and set which notifications they want to receive at each address. Ex. when a shift they can pick up becomes available, etc. More>

Send a Message
Each user can write, send, and receive messages through the Messaging section and they can also forward messages to their email address. More>

Send Schedules When You Publish
Employees can choose to be sent their schedule and a list of open shifts on the Tradeboard when you publish a schedule week or change one of their shifts. More>

Send Schedule Reminders
Sometimes you may want to send a message to all employees working this weekend, or just remind employees of their shifts tomorrow, etc. More>

Automatically Email Employees When Shifts Open Up
Employees can automatically be emailed or sent a text when a shift they can work becomes available. More>

Send Urgent Text Message Alert
You can send a short text message to all employees and managers who have signed up to receive them. More>

Post Notice on Employee Homepage
You can post a notice on the homepage for all employees and managers to see and you can also include links to web sites or online documents etc. More>

Post Entry to Bulletin Board
You can post a bulletin to your Company Bulletin Board for employees and managers, and also give employees permission to post bulletins. More>

Print Schedules
You can print schedules using any of our 13 different configurable, printer-friendly views, or print an individual employee's schedule, or a filtered schedule. More>

Include Notation with a Shift
Each shift can include special instructions or information you want the employee to know about that shift. More>

Include Notation for a Schedule Week
You can add schedule notes for each week - either private notes for managers or notes that employees see when they sign in and those notes are also included when employees receive their schedules via email. More>

Share a Google Calendar
You can share a Google Calendar that includes all or some of your shifts. This can be helpful when you want to communicate schedules to third parties without a username and password. More>

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