- Add Employee Email

Add Employee Email

When you first add an employee, you can enter an email address for them, or you can edit their details and add email addresses and even set notification options for them if you like.  Note that while managers normally add the employee email, the employees normally would add their own text address.

To add an email for an Employee who has no email in the system:
From any page: 

  • Choose EMPLOYEES in the top menu
  • Click Email field for the employee
  • Click the Add EMAIL button
  • Check the box for "Use a Reply-To" to allow others to reply directly back to their email from a forwarded message
  • Enter their email and set any options for notifications
  • Click the Save button

add employee email address

To add a multiple emails for an Employee:
Click the Add EMAIL button again and repeat the process for the next email.

add multiple emails for an employee

Note: Many of these options can result in a high volume of emails or text messages. Normally employees should sign in and set up their own notifications because these can result in them being charged fees by their cell phone carrier for each text message received.

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