**Can Employees be a certain color?

Can I set employees or positions to be a certain color?

Employees and positions are not set to colors, but shifts are - a color can be set for each shift and it will retain that color when Imported into a new week, regardless of who is assigned to the shift. You can manually change the color of each shift based on the Employee working by clicking the shift and changing it (or using the Multi-Shift Edit view). If you later change the assignment, the color would also have to be changed.

You can set category default colors which allows you to choose the category when adding a shift and the color is prepopulated for you.

You can color the shifts and they retain that color from week to week so that when you use AutoFill the color is the same. It is not related to who is assigned.

Since Employees can sign in and get their schedules and you can view the schedule using many schedule views that break down by Employee (ex. By Employee, Graphical, Availability etc.), our system does not currently allow for controlling shift colors by the employee working. Normally colors would be used for indicating the Employee was late or to indicate the location or position of the shift, etc.