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Add New Employee

You can add new employees at any time. On paid accounts, if you exceed your paid employees level, you will see an alert link with options for upgrading.

To Add an Employee:
From any page: 

  • On the top menu, click EMPLOYEES to go to the List Employees page 
  • Click the Add New Employee button to open the Add Employee window 
  • Fill out the new employees information (The only required information is a first or last name and what Positions that employee can work)
  • Click the Add Employee button
  • The window will remain open for you to add another employee 
  • Click Close when you are finished adding employees 
add employee

Note other items such as AutoFill Maximums and Work Time Preferences and email and text message notifications can be set in that same window:

add employee pop up optional details

You also can update or add any of these entries later using the Edit Employee window or the EMPLOYEES>List Grid

Employees can sign in to their account and add some of their own details such as:

  • Phone numbers 
  • Email and text message addresses and notification options, which address should be set as their "reply to" address if a W2W message is forwarded to another employee or manager's email address
  • Work Time Preferences (which you can choose to ignore when AutoFilling or you can turn off this ability to add prefer and dislike times on the SETTINGS>Employee Permissions page)
  • Positions Preferences (if you allow employees to set them) 
  • Employees can also stop email forwarding and notifications

"add employee" add employee add employees