- "Bulk Edit" Employees

You can quickly update some or all employees on the Employees > List page grid.
This can be useful to update the AutoFill maximums for a number of employees at once or to select certain employees and quickly set them into a Priority Group.

To Bulk Edit Employees
  1. In the top menu choose Employees List under EMPLOYEES.
  2. Use the Positions dropdown or Find box to locate certain employees if needed.
  3. Check off employees to include or check the top box on the left to select all.
  4. Click the "Bulk Edit" link.
    Note that the fields listed will be the ones you have Selected in the Employee Grid (click Show All to see all fields or use the "Select Columns" link to choose the fields you want to edit before clicking Bulk Edit.
  5. Make changes as needed.
  6. Click the Save button.