- Delete Availability/Preferences

Note that employee Work Time Preferences do not change any already assigned shifts - they can just be used by AutoFill when you automatically assign shifts. You can use the Analyze feature at any time to compare how the assigned shifts compare to the current work time preferences. Also, the preferences can be used when finding replacements for shifts.

Employee Work Time Preferences can be used by WhenToWork for the following:

  • These preferences can be considered when AutoFill optimizes the schedule assignments each week
  • When you click any shift, the Shift Change window will show a list of employees who are available to work that shift. Employees who have set that time to "prefer to work" are listed first so that you will know the best employees to work that shift. 

Employees normally set their own preferences when they sign in.

REPEATING Weekly Preferences (and FUTURE REPEATING Weekly Preferences) should be set first, then if certain dates are different, you can set those using Set Date Specific Preferences. Date Specific Preferences always override Repeating Weekly Preferences.

To delete the REPEATING WEEKLY Work Time Preferences for your employees 
From any page: 

  • In the top menu, click EMPLOYEES to go to the Employee List page 
  • Click the magnifying glass next to the employee name to open the Employee details window 
  • Click the Schedule/Preferences tab
  • Click the Set REPEATING WEEKLY Preferences button to open the preferences window (These are the normal daily preferences for the employee and can be set down to 15 minutes for each day of the week). Note each day shows Midnight to Midnight.
repeating weekly preferences

  • To clear the times, click the white paint roller button and then "paint" over the times you would like to change by pressing the left mouse button and holding until you want to stop painting.
  • Click a day name to change that whole day to that color. 
  • Be sure to click the SAVE Changes button
set no preferences weekly

  • You can save the preferences as a "Preference Template" to be used for other employees. For example, you can quickly add Cannot Work hours for all minor employees by loading that preference template into each employee's REPEATING Weekly Preferences grid.
  • Also, if these Repeating Preferences will change on a certain date, click the Set FUTURE Weekly Preferences button to have new preferences go into effect after a certain date

To delete any DATE SPECIFIC Preferences 
After setting the normal repeating preferences for an employee, you can then set any dates that have different preferences using the Set DATE SPECIFIC Preferences button.

date specific preferences

  • From the View Employee window, click the Set DATE SPECIFIC Preferences button
  • In this window, you can use the paint rollers and and click and "paint" any dates to set the whole date to that color
  • Or you can double click a date to bring up the hourly preferences for that day
date specific preferences

  • For this specific date, you can paint preference times and choose to repeat for a number of weeks.(Ex. to also set these preferences for the following Wed. choose Repeat for 2 weeks).
  • Click the SAVE CHANGES button when done.
  • You also can open this window and click the COPY Preferences button and then choose another date and use the PASTE Preferences button to apply those preferences to the other date.