Retrieve Old Messages

Unsaved messages are only left in your account for 30 days then they are deleted from your account.  If you wish to keep messages just choose the "Save" button for that message and it will remain in your account display until you choose to delete it.  There is currently no maximum limit on the number of messages you can choose to save in your account.

We recommend that you enable message forwarding and then archive those messages for your future reference. Some of our users have created specific email addresses just for this purpose, and have set it up in addition to their regular email addresses in our system.  They can then enable all of the notifications, and simply save them in this unused email account.  This way, they have a searchable archive of much of their historic information.  More:

In some cases, we may be able to provide a specific unsaved message which is no longer appearing in your account. If the message was very recently deleted, and if you can provide specific details (the names of those who sent or received it, the words in the subject line, the date on which it was sent) our techs can investigate whether that data remains anywhere in our system. 

The best way to maintain access to W2W Messages, of course, is to Save them in the account and to have them forwarded to your email system for archival.

retrieve archive previous unsaved messages