Create Linked Account - Bill Together

If you have multiple locations or departments, you can schedule them all in one account or create separate accounts linked for billing purposes by creating a billing group. Please see: Multiple Locations to determine which approach would be better for your organization, or contact us at with the details and we can make a recommendation.

Any manager on the account can create a new linked account which can be used immediately, and the total employees added will be combined with the other accounts in that group for billing purposes (so the cost is the same as having one larger account.)

To create a new linked account:

  • In the top menu, hover over Settings and choose "Create a New Linked Account"
  • Type in the new account Main Manager's first and last name for the new account
  • (Note - if there will be a Group Administrator you may want to make that person the Main Manager on all linked accounts - otherwise all Main Managers will have to give permission if a Group Administrator is requested later)
  • Type in the Company Name as you want it to appear on the new account
  • Enter the email address of the Main Manager
  • Click the Create New Account button (sign in instructions with username/password will be emailed immediately)
linked accounts

If you prefer to create a new account that will never need to be linked with your current account (ex. each account will be paid for separately and priced at their own total employee levels), you can use our sales page to create the new trial ( using the express sign up form.

site license cost
 additional cost be if we created a new linked account, price to add linked account, cost upgrade