Renew Expired Subscription

Even if your account has expired, you can reactivate the account by submitting payment. The information you entered into the account is still intact, and when you activate the account, all of your manager and employee logins will instantly reactivate as well.

Any manager on the account may pay online via credit card to immediately update the account by logging into their manager login; the expiration page will include a link to submit payment. Simply review the employee count in STEP 1, select the desired duration in STEP 2, and click the “Pay Online” button in STEP 4 to complete the transaction by entering payment information on the popup and finally click the “Process Payment” button. 

 For additional details on paying online by credit card from your manager account please see our Help file at  This same page will go over various account details:  account number, expiration date, current employee count, options to make an online payment, review payment history, etc. 
OR to allow someone to pay online via credit card without a manager login, you may direct them to our secure payment form at: 

and fill in the appropriate price for the duration & employee level you need and then enter the account number information into the Comment field.