== Export to ADP TimeSaver

Export to ADP® TimeSaver®

(ADP is an independent company not affiliated with WhenToWork)

You can export in a format that can be imported into ADP TimeSaver

ADP requires that each employee have a unique employee number added into our Employee Number field.

To Configure (one time setup):
From any page:

  • On the top menu, choose REPORTS to go to the Reports section
  • Under Custom Reports, click Configure next to ADP TimeSaver
  • In the configure window, enter the "Worked Job" and "Worked Dept" fields for each of your positions as required by ADP
  • Click the SAVE button

To Export an ADP TimeSaver file:
From the Reports page:

  • Choose or enter the date range (and the positions and categories to include) for the export file
  • Click the Export link next to ADP TimeSaver
  • Type the Filename you want to create 
  • Click the Create Export File button
  • When prompted, specify where on your computer to save the file. 


If no data is found in your export file, be sure to confirm you have added an employee number to each employee record in your account. Or it could be there are no shifts that match the Position and Category you have chosen in the "Include" drop down menus for the date range given.