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(ADS Payroll is an independent company not affiliated with WhenToWork)
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Advanced Data Source
Are you satisfied with WhenToWork and trying to avoid costly fees of a professional time/labor management system?  

ADS is a leading Payroll Services Provider with a focus to serve industry specifics, every business comes with its own unique set of industry challenges. Our sophisticated software offers an incomparable level of flexibility, allowing our specialists to configure and manipulate data with seamless integration based 100% on your business rules and personal preferences, unlike the others which force your information into a pre-conformed box.  

The ADS objective is to provide a tailored offering of services to ensure centralized management and the decrease of manual labor for your specific industry.  

Please see adspays.com or call us  @ 800.930.9080 Ext 2233 to learn more how to optimize your business.

ADS requires an Employee ID number be added for each Employee.

To Configure ADS (one time setup):
From any page:

  • In the top menu under REPORTS, choose Custom Reports
  • Click Configure next to ADS pictured below
  • Enter the Earning Code to match what you have entered into ADS for each Position
  • Click the Save button and that information will then be included in any ADS export files you make in the future

To Export an ADS File:
On the Reports page:

  • Choose or enter the date range (and the positions and categories to include) for the export file 
  • Click the "Export" link to right of the the ADS label 
  • Type in your filename
  • Click the Create Export File button 
  • You will be prompted for where on your computer to save the file. Make a notation of the location for when you need to Import the file into ADS.
export to ADS payroll

Note: WhenToWork only has 'scheduled' shift information and is NOT a time clock allowing the actual in and out times to be recorded. The schedule data you export is just that information you have entered into the "Schedules" section.