==Export to CompuPay

Export to CompuPay Payroll

(CompuPay Payroll is an independent company not affiliated with WhenToWork)

WhenToWork provides an export format that can be imported into CompuPay using the Reports section, but we recommend that you test this export to be certain it works for your specific CompuPay version and format.

Your employee names in your WhenToWork account will need to exactly match how you have the employee names entered in your CompuPay software.

While we normally do NOT recommend entering Employee Social Security Numbers, in this case each Employee must have their Social Security Number (with no dashes or spaces) listed as their "Employee Number".

To Configure (one time setup) CompuPay Export:
From any page:

  • In the top menu under REPORTS, choose Custom Reports
  • Click Configure to the right of CompuPay (1.) pictured below
  • In the window, enter the information that CompuPay requires for each position:
    Earnings Type, Unit Worked, Department Worked
  • Click Save (2.) and that information will then be included in any CompuPay export files you make in the future.
configure compupay export

To Export a CompuPay File:
On the Reports page:

  • Choose or enter the date range (and the positions and categories to include) for the export file (1.)
  • Click the "Export" link to right of CompuPay (2.)
  • Type a filename
  • Click the Create Export File button (3.)
  • You will be prompted for where on your computer to save the file. Make a notation of the location for when you need to Import the file into QuickBooks.
export to compupay

Note: WhenToWork only has 'scheduled' shift information and is NOT a time clock that would allow the actual in and out times to be recorded. The schedule data you export is just that information you have entered into the "Schedules" section.


No data in export file - If there is no data in the export file, be sure to confirm you have added an Employee number to each Employee record in your account. Also, it may be there are no shifts which match the Position and Category you have chosen in the "Include" drop down menus for the date range given.