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(NETtime Solutions is an independent company not affiliated with WhenToWork)
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NETtime Solutions is the nimble and responsive pioneer of available anywhere, anytime SaaS time and attendance. NETtime helps companies manage their workforce with real-time time and labor management data while helping them maintain compliance with local, state and federal labor laws. Visit NETtimeSolutions.com 

Note that NETtime requires that each employee has an Employee number added into WhenToWork which matches the employee number given in NETtime.

To Configure NETtime (one time setup):
From any page:

  • In the top menu under REPORTS, choose Custom Reports
  • Click Configure next to NETtime pictured below
  • Enter the LL1 and LL2 fields to match what you have entered into NETtime for each Position and if you use Categories, you can enter LL3 and LL4 to correspond with those in NETtime (you can leave fields blank)
  • Click the Save button and that information will then be included in any NETtime export files you make in the future

To Export a NETtime File:
On the Reports page:

  • Choose or enter the date range (and the positions and categories to include) for the export file 
  • Click the "Export" link to right of the the NETtime label 
  • Type in your filename
  • Click the Create Export File button 
  • You will be prompted for where on your computer to save the file. Make a notation of the location for when you need to Import the file into NETtime.
export to Nettime

Note: WhenToWork only has 'scheduled' shift information and is NOT a time clock allowing the actual in and out times to be recorded. The schedule data you export is just that information you have entered into the "Schedules" section.