== Export to PayChex

Export to PayChex

(PayChex is an independent company not affiliated with WhenToWork)

To Configure PayChex (one time setup):
From any page:

  • In the top menu under REPORTS, choose Custom Reports
  • Click Configure next to PayChex pictured below (1.)
  • Enter the Earning Code to match what you have entered into PayChex for each Position
  • Click the Save button and that information will then be included in any PayChex export files you make in the future

To Export a Paychex File:
On the Reports page:

  • Choose or enter the date range (and the positions and categories to include) for the export file 
  • Click the "Export" link to right of the the PayChex label (2.)
  • Type in your filename
  • Click the Create Export File button 
  • You will be prompted for where on your computer to save the file. Make a notation of the location for when you need to Import the file into PayChex.
export to paychex

Note: WhenToWork only has 'scheduled' shift information and is NOT a time clock allowing the actual in and out times to be recorded. The schedule data you export is just that information you have entered into the "Schedules" section.