Total Hours are Wrong

If you find that the totaled hours are incorrect, this likely is due to one or more shifts having the wrong duration (paid hours).

You can view and edit the durations of your shifts easily using our "Multi-Shift Edit" schedule view.  On that view, you'll see the "paid work hours" field in the "Duration" column and you can edit as needed, by simply entering new values into the fields. 

This view displays "ac" after the duration if the number was auto-calculated by our system. If there is no "ac", that indicates the shift duration has been manually set to a specific value. Frequently, we find that the duration was inadvertently set to a wrong value and has been imported into multiple schedules with that incorrect manual duration attached. 


If you'd like all of your shifts to auto-calculate, simply delete the manual durations that have been entered, leaving the box empty. After reviewing and editing your shift durations, be sure to click the "Save" button. More>


If you are still having issues with the hour totals, please email with more details such as the names of the employees whose hours aren’t totaling correctly and we will be happy to investigate.

not accurately reporting the hours

not accurately reporting the hours, totals too large, not right