PUBLISH - Why Publish?

Publishing a schedule:

  • Makes it available to employees when they sign into their employee account at 
  • Automatically alerts the employees when they sign in that there is a new schedule 
  • Automatically forwards the new schedule to employees who have set up that email notification 
  • Changes the function buttons on the schedule page (Adds an "UnPublish" button which is normally only used if you realize that you want to retract the schedule, make it unavailable to employees, and make a large number of changes without notices going out for each change). 

  • Optional - Unassigned shifts can be put on the Tradeboard automatically if you have chosen that option in your SETTINGS>Global Employee Permissions page to automatically put any Unassigned (open) shifts on the Tradeboard for employees to pick up shifts when the schedule is published. The Tradeboard icon next to shift indicates it is on the Tradeboard or pending Manager Approval.