OpenID Sign In Access

What is OpenID?

OpenID logois a third party program that allows you to have your login for one web site to also be used for other web sites. OpenID is being used by many popular websites such as Facebook and Google.

You can read more about OpenID by searching the Internet or by viewing web sites such as:

Many WhenToWork users also have sign ins to other popular web sites such as Google and Facebook.

The Main Manager (and other managers with permission to change company settings) can allow all users on the account to use Open ID sign in to access their WhenToWork account by changing that option to "Yes" on the Settings>Information page.

The use of OpenID is not possible for anyone without a manager first setting that option to Yes.

Setting that option to "Yes" will allow employees and managers to sign in and set up linking of their sign ins on their Information page. Then after linking, they can use the OpenID button on the WhenToWork sign in page.

Using the OpenID button on the sign in page allows users to have immediate access to WhenToWork if they are already signed into the other web site, saving them the trouble of having to remember and sign in with their WhenToWork username and password.

Note: If the employee or manager is deleted, or their username or password is changed the link to OpenID is immediately removed.

To allow your account Employees and Managers to use OpenID:
From any page:

  • Choose Settings>Information
  • Under Global Schedule & Access Settings, choose Yes for the last option "Allow users to sign in using OpenID"
  • Click the Save button
This will allow you and other users to connect other sign ins to your WhenToWork sign in from their Info page.

OpenID yes

Managers can then establish an OpenID link with another sign in by:
From any page:

  • Choose Settings>Information
  • Under Your Information, click the button to Connect or Remove OpenID
  • Follow the OpenID instructions to establish a link for your other sign ins
  • Then the next time you go to the WhenToWork sign in page, you can use the Log in with OpenID button to access your account
OpenID link