- One Account, Multiple Locations

Multiple Locations or Departments
Option 1: Use One WhenToWork Account - Add your locations into one account

one account
Locations or departments are added into an account by making Location-Specific Positions and then you can Group the Positions for quick viewing of each location separately.

Ex. Create Position names like:
  • Cashier - Dept A
  • Cashier - Dept B
  • Dept A Sales
  • Dept B Sales 
You then have the flexibility of viewing any combination of these Positions (all employees at one store or all Cashiers across all locations, etc.)

Optional - You also can set each employee's Position Preferences to indicate which locations you prefer they work or allow employees to choose their preferred positions.

Note: When locations are included in one account, they must be Published at the same time. Publishing affects all positions and locations. To Publish locations separately, use separate WhenToWork accounts if appropriate (see below). Also, if you put all locations in one account, we currently do not have a way to restrict managers to only edit or view certain positions or employees.

We do not normally recommend having more than 200 employees in any one account as it may make some of the displays hard to read. Please contact us for more information if you plan to have more than 200 employees in one account.

Option 2: Use Separate Accounts Linked only for Billing Purposes

multiple sites to use the same account, multiple departments groups together one account, multiple managers hire the same employee