- Block Time Off Dates

Our system will not allow you to block or limit Time Off requests for specific time periods or groups of employees, nor will it automatically do so.  

We recommend that you allow Time Off with 'manager approval only,' and ask managers to consider your policies for when to allow Time Off when approving or denying requests.

We also recommend that you post your company's Time Off policy on the "Employee Home Page Notice", explaining to employees the limitations on Time Off requests, and noting that non-compliant Time Off requests will be denied.

From the manager's homepage, you can enter information that will appear as a note on the employee's homepage and nowhere else (will not be forwarded to email accounts)..

Note that if you have enabled employees to see Everyone's Time Off on your Settings>Global Employee Permissions page, they will see both a list of approved Time Off requests and a current tally of how many requests are pending for that date already -- so if they know that there is a limit, they will have a good idea that you are at or near that limit when submitting their request.

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