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Track Recent Trade Activity

We do not currently provide a log or history of all trades posted for all employees, but you can see a list of trade details in two places - for each employee in their "Recent Trade History" (below), or for each shift using the "Shift History." These show the trade details for the last 45 days.


You can also run a report to export the contents of the 'Shift History' for any date range. That is, each Shift History contains recent changes, and those can be put together and printed or exported.  Simply select the date range of the edits you are interested in seeing, and run the Export Recent Shift History on the Reports page, and this report will give all changes made in that time frame. Note that our system only keeps changes made in the past 45 days, so this report is only accurate to 45 days back. If you were to run this report every 30 days, you could create an archive of Shift History changes in your account, including trades and also edits, etc.


Also, as a manager, you can choose to be notified by email each time an employee posts a shift or requests to trade/pick up a shift.  This will give you an email archive of trade transactions. You can set up your email notifications by choosing SETTINGS>My Notifications.  More information can be found at: http://mgrhelp.when2work.com/h-sub-settings/h-my-notifications

To view the "Recent Trade History" for an employee:
From any page: 

  • In the top menu, hover over EMPLOYEES and choose "Employee List
  • Click the magnifying glass icon next to an employee window
  • Be sure you are on the "Schedules-Preferences" tab
  • Click the "Recent Trade History" link
trade history tracking

This will show the trade history for that employee for the last 45 days which includes:
  • Shifts the employee posted to the Tradeboard
  • Offers the employee made to trade or pickup a shift
You can find the trade details for a particular shift for the last 45 days by clicking that shift in the schedule and then clicking the "Shift History" link in the upper right.

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