Text Validation Code Not Received

If you are entering a text address and not receiving a validation code, it’s likely that the text address you are entering is incorrect.  Text addresses can be difficult to pin down, as each provider might have several different formats they use. 


The best way to determine the text address for a specific phone is to send a text message from that phone to your email account. 

When you receive that message, you’ll see that the address in the 'From' field is the text address that should be entered into our system.


Please try this method, and enter the ‘From’ address.  When you click "Save," our system will automatically send a 4 digit code to the text address.  It is sent immediately, but some cell phone providers may have a short delay. 


Our system will request that validation code, and it can be entered to complete setup and validate the address.  Until the text address validation code is entered, no further text messages will be sent to that address. 


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