- Double book - Overlapping Shifts

Doublebooking & Assigning Overlapping Shifts

WhenToWork allows you to create multiple shifts per day for an employee, but tries to prevent you from "doublebooking" employees to more than one shift at the same time. You cannot ADD an assigned shift that will overlap that employee's current shift but you can EDIT a shift and force it to double book.

There may be some instances that you do want to override doublebooking in order to schedule a meeting shift during a scheduled shift. You can do this using the shift change window:

  • Add the shift as unassigned
  • Edit the shift to assign the employee
  • Click OK when warned the shift will conflict

To Assign an Employee to another shift at the same time as a current shift:
On the By Employee schedule view:

  • If the shift does not exist, click the Add Shifts button
  • Enter the shift information and leave it assigned to "None (unassigned)" and click the Add Shift button

  • Click the unassigned shift in the schedule to open the Quick Shift EDIT layer.
  • Click the link to Show Available Employees
  • Click the employee name in the list and click the Save button (note you may want to set this shift to zero paid hours)
  • When warned that they are already scheduled, click OK