- Search for Shifts

Search for Shifts
You can search for shifts based on certain criteria from most schedule views. This can be handy, for example, for viewing a list of all shifts for an individual employee in the next month or for a date range.

To Search for shifts:
From any weekly schedule view: 

  • Click Search to open the Search window 
  • Change the settings to narrow your search (ex. Published or Unpublished)
  • Enter a word or phrase to search for in the description if appropriate 
  • Choose the date range to search 
  • Choose a Category, Position, and/or employee (deleted employees are at end of list)
  • Click Search 
search for shifts

The list of shifts that match that search will appear in the same window below. Clicking any of the shifts will open a new window with information

  • Click the employee name to bring up the View Employee Details window 
  • Click the date to go to that day in the schedule 
  • Click any other part of the row to go to the Shift Change window so that you can make changes to the shift 
Example Uses for Search
  • list one employee's shifts for the next month
  • view one employee's shifts for a certain position or category for last month.
  • view all shifts with a specific word in the description (where you might have entered a client name or event, etc.)
  • view unassigned shifts for next month
  • view shifts for one location that contain a certain phrase
  • view published shifts for a deleted employee
The Search Window allows you to find and list shifts based on a number of things:
Schedule Status Published or Unpublished
Category All Categories
choose a category or group
Position: All Positions
choose a position or group
Phrase type a phrase (optional)
Time Period Any Time
After Today
Before Today
This Month
Last Month
Next Month
Employee All employees
Unassigned Shifts
choose one employee
choose a deleted employee
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