- Search for Shifts

Search for Shifts
You can search for shifts based on certain criteria from most Unpublished and Published schedule views. This can be handy, for example, for viewing a list of all shifts for an individual employee in the next month or for a date range.

To Search for shifts:
From any weekly schedule view: 

  • Click Search to open the Search window 
  • Change the settings to narrow your search (ex. Published or Unpublished)
  • Enter a word or phrase to search for in the description if appropriate 
  • Choose the date range to search 
  • Choose a category, position, and/or employee (deleted employees are at end of list)
  • Click Search 
search for shifts

The list of shifts that match that search will appear in the same window below. Clicking certain key words for any of the shifts will open a new window with information

  • Click the employee name to bring up the View Employee Details window 
  • Click the date to go to that day in the schedule 
  • Click any other part of the row to go to the Shift Change window so that you can make changes to the shift 
Example Uses for Search:/td>
list one employee's shifts for the next month
● view one employee's shifts for a certain position or category for last month.
● view all shifts with a specific word in the description (where you might have entered a client name or event, etc.)
● view unassigned shifts for next month
● view shifts for one location that contain a certain phrase
● view published shifts for a deleted employee
The Search Window allows you to find and list shifts based on a number of things:
Schedule Status Published or Unpublished
Category All Categories
choose a category or group
Position: All Positions
choose a position or group
Phrase type a phrase (optional)
Time Period Any Time
After Today
Before Today
This Month
Last Month
Next Month
Employee All employees
Unassigned Shifts
choose one employee
choose a deleted employee
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